Technical standards

What are the standards for the methods of protection for electrical equipment?

The following, although not exhaustive, is a list of the standards applicable to the selection, installation, maintenance and repair of electrical equipment:

What are the standards for mechanical protection concepts?

The following standards have been published to date or, where indicated, are due for publication shortly:

Other parts of this standard (EN 13463) are currently under development.

Where can I get a list of standards which have been harmonised under ATEX?

A list of standards is available from European Commission Enterprise and Industry - Harmonised ATEX standards.

Products complying with any of these standards carry the presumption of conformity with the Directive. In the absence of an appropriate EU harmonised standard, products compliant with the EPS Regulations are conformity assessed against the essential health and safety requirements (EHSRs) utilising, (in order of preference) existing European, national or other technical standards. The CENELEC website contains more information on the numerical series IEC 60079. (Note that all of these lists are subject to regular change.)

Updated 2023-01-09