Wet cutting

Cutting building materials is a common task. It's an everyday part of the job for quarry workers, stonemasons, builders and construction workers.

Many of the materials used contain high levels of a substance called crystalline silica. These include concrete, sandstone, granite and brick.

When these materials are cut, the dust created will contain tiny particles that can be breathed deep into the lungs. This dust is called 'Respirable Crystalline Silica' (RCS). Once in the lungs, they cause serious permanent damage to your health.

The images below show the dramatic effect of using water to suppress dust when cutting stone or a similar material.

Picture 1

a worker is cutting a block of stone using a petrol engine driven cutting disc

Picture 2

a hose has been connected to the cutter. This supplies water to jets spraying onto the cutting blade
Updated 2021-12-14