What responsibilities do employers have for access to buildings?

L24 (WHSW Regulations 1992 ACOP) states:

These Regulations aim to ensure that workplaces meet the health, safety and welfare needs of each member of the workforce which may include people with disabilities. Several of the Regulations require things to be 'suitable' as defined in regulation 2(3) in a way which makes it clear that traffic routes, facilities and workstations which are used by people with disabilities should be suitable for them to use.

Building Regulations contain requirements which are intended to make new buildings accessible to people with limited mobility, or impaired sight or hearing. The Equality and Human Rights Commission have more information on this.

EHRC provide The Equality Advisory Support Service (EASS).  The EASS was commissioned by Government in 2012 to replace the EHRC Helpline.   This is an advice service aimed at individuals who need expert information, advice and support on discrimination and human rights issues and the applicable law, particularly when this is more than advice agencies and other local organisations can provide.

Contact the Equality Advisory and Support Service (EASS)

The contact details for the service are:
Phone: 0808 800 0082
Textphone: 0808 800 0084
Website: http://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com/
Post: FREEPOST Equality Advisory Support Service FPN4431

Opening hours:

09:00 to 20:00 Monday to Friday
10:00 to 14:00 Saturday
closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays

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