Assisting disabled or reduced mobility passengers

The Civil Aviation (Access to Air Travel for Disabled Persons and Persons with Reduced Mobility) Regulations 2007 came into force in July 2007 and are enforced by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).  Airport authorities now have responsibility of ensuring safe access for disabled people. This is from the time they arrive at the airport until the time they leave. In practice, it is likely that most of the services will be contracted out.

A joint letter from HSE and CAA was sent to all aerodromes and airlines in November 2009 explaining  responsibilities for implementing and enforcing the Regulations, and any health and safety issues arising out of the provision of services.

What you need to know

Assisting passengers who are less mobile or require use of a wheelchair can present a risk of sprain, strain or back injury to those people assisting them.

What you need to do

These measures should help reduce the risk of MSD injury.

Specific precautions to reduce the risk of MSD injury

These measures should help you reduce the risk of MSD injury.

Further information

Updated 2022-03-14