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British Standards for Ground Support Equipment

There are a considerable number of British Standards that apply to the air transport and aviation industry. This web page does not provide details of all such standards, however, listed below are the current standards for Ground Support Equipment (GSE).

BS EN Standard Title
1915-1:2001 General requirements: Basic safety requirement
1915-2:2001 General requirements: Stability & strength requirements, calculation & test methods
1915-3:2004 General requirements: Vibration measurement methods & reduction
1915-4:2004 General requirements: Noise measurement methods & reduction
12312-1:2001 Passenger stairs
12312-2:2002 Catering vehicles
12312-3:2003 Conveyor belt vehicles
12312-4:2003 Passenger boarding bridges
12312-5:2005 Aircraft fuelling equipment
12312-6:2004 De-icers and de-icing/anti-icing equipment
12312-7:2005 Aircraft movement equipment
12312-8:2005 Maintenance stairs and platforms
12312-9:2005 Container/Pallet loaders
12312-10:2005 Container/Pallet transfer transporters
12312-11:2005 Container/Pallet dollies and loose load trailers
12312-12:2002 Portable water service equipment
12312-13:2002 Lavatory service equipment
12312-14:2006 Disabled/incapacitated passenger boarding vehicles
12312-15:2006 Baggage and equipment tractors
12312-16:2005 Air start equipment
12312-17:2004 Air conditioning equipment
12312-18:2005 Nitrogen or Oxygen units
12312-19:2005 Aircraft jacks, axle jacks and hydraulic tail stanchions
12312-20:2005 Electrical ground power units
Updated 2017-05-26