Maintenance – vehicles and machinery

All equipment and plant should be safely maintained in good working order. Maintenance work can introduce new hazards and risks that need to be controlled so the work can be undertaken safely.

  • Safe Stop
  • Before you start maintenance work
  • Dealing with blockages or other problems
  • Isolating equipment
  • Pressurised plant

Inspection and maintenance of work equipment

Follow the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedules for work equipment such as tractors and vehicles, lift trucks, ATVs (quad bikes), portable electrical equipment, and farm machinery.

Lifting operations and equipment

In agriculture, lifting equipment covers a wide range of equipment including

  • Tractor foreloaders, fork-lift trucks and telescopic handlers (telehandlers)
  • Workshop hoists and rope hoists;
  • Cranes on machines (eg on lorries or fertiliser spreaders)
  • Lifting attachments and accessories

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Vehicle repair

During vehicle repair:

  • make sure brakes are applied and wheels chocked;
  • always prop raised bodies. Do not rely on hydraulic systems for support;
  • start and run engines with brakes on and in neutral gear.

Workshop safety

To help with workshop safety check that:

  • you keep the workshop tidy and avoid tripping hazards such as trailing cables, tools etc.

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