Make the promise

British farmers play a vital role in maintaining the countryside, providing the main form of employment outside of urban centres and providing food for the population. Yet, in course of this work, they face one of the highest rates of death and serious injury of any industry in Great Britain.

In most other industries, deaths and injuries are decreasing but in farming numbers have remained steady over recent years. The reasons for this include more farmers having to work alone, using more powerful machinery and an ageing work force.

On average, three people a month do not make it home to their families. That's three families who won't be sharing any more time together with their loved one.

We are working together with the farming industry to support farmers around Britain in making their promise to come home safe.

Make your promise today. Do it for yourself, your family and your farm.

Together let's make sure everyone comes home safe

Farmers' stories

HSE would like to thank the farmers and their families for sharing their stories with us.  Please listen and remember their experiences.

The following resources are available free of charge. Please use them to help you to stay safe. Feel free to forward them to your friends and family.

Helping to spread the word

If you are an organisation involved in farming, you can help support to the "Make the Promise" initiative by encouraging farmers and workers to make their promise to stay safe and healthy.  Please feel free to download the resources to help to spread the message so that more people can "Come home Safe".

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