Lack of training and driver restraining systems


An employee was killed when the truck he was driving overturned trapping him beneath the safety frame. He had been stacking boxes of potatoes and it appears had loaded the forks with a full box then reversed with the forks raised. As he began turn prior to driving forward, the FLT overturned throwing him out of the rear of the safety frame. The driver had not received adequate training neither were driver restraining systems (seat belts) fitted nor seat belt anchoring points.


The farmer was prosecuted under regulation 9 (1) of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 for failing to adequately train the employee in use of a FLT. He pleaded guilty and was fined £7,500 plus prosecution costs of £2,500.


All operators of FLT's and material handlers need to be trained as the driving characteristics of a loader differ greatly from other farm vehicles. This is particularly important for new entrants, young persons and inexperienced drivers.

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