SAT Version 1.1.0 Release Notes

The following updates have been included in version 1.1.0:

Bug fixes

Site assessments not appearing The issue of previous assessment not appearing in the list has been resolved. Please refer to the Known Software Issues page for more details.

FAQs The roughness unit 'typo' on the 'What type of meter should I use' FAQ has been corrected. Please refer to the Known Software Issues page for more details.


Bar chart printing The ability to print, save and include the bar chart in a report has been added.

Enhanced help Additional/enhanced help has been added to various parts of the SAT. In particular, clicking on specific columns on the bar chart shows relevant risk control advice relating to the appropriate assessment page concerned.

Customisable bar chart The operator can now set the background and foreground colours of the bar chart.

Default report location The operator can now set the default location of where the reports are saved.

Merging of results and bar chart pages The results and bar chart pages have been merged into a single page. In addition, the assessment type selector (Actual/Theoretical) has been moved to the assessment details page.

Surface roughness reading navigation You can now move from one reading to the next using the <Return> key (as well as <Tab>). This makes entering data automatically from some types of meter easier.

Reordering of floor cleaning types The cleaning types on this page have been reordered into a more user-friendly list.

Internet link changes Web site links have been changed to point to the SAT web site rather than the HSE web site where appropriate.

Auto save results You are now prompted to save the results the first time you enter the 'Process Results' page after creating or changing an assessment.

FAQ Changes Additional FAQs have been added and the Surface Roughness and Meter FAQs have been combined. SR Tests and SR improvements have also been renamed.

The latest version of the SAT can be obtained from the download page.

Please contact the helpdesk at [email protected] for more information.

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Updated: 2021-05-06