Slips, trips and falls online eLearning

HSE have teamed up with Virtual College to provide on online e-learning experience, designed to help businesses meet their compliance needs.

To make sure that the learner only receives information that is relevant to them, the content has been designed so it is as relevant and personal to them as possible. The course is delivered in bite-sized chunks and includes sector-specific case studies, videos, infographics and downloadable resources.

HSE's slips, trips and falls online eLearning

About the online courses

These courses are designed for dutyholders across all industries. Three different courses have been developed, each one relating to different job roles and responsibilities, and within each one they can personalise the information to common sectors, such as catering and hospitality, education, and healthcare. Content is in-depth, correct and in line with businesses' needs.

What is included in the eLearning?

The eLearning outlines why slips and trips are a risk and why they can happen. It also explains the slip potential model.

It will help users:

  • understand how contaminants affect slip resistance and the importance of controlling contamination
  • appreciate the role of cleaning techniques and materials in accident prevention
  • recognise the properties of different flooring materials and types and how to clean and maintain them
  • understand and interpret technical data sheets
  • select suitable footwear, and how to test and maintain it
  • understand potential environmental factors and the range of interventions to minimise their impact
  • understand the importance of a reporting system
  • appreciate the main causes of trips and identify simple interventions to reduce them
  • outline how design choices impact on the creation and management of slip and trip hazards in the workplace
  • understand how design and human factors can contribute to accidents on stairs
  • be aware of the relevant legislation
  • know the hierarchy for slips and trips prevention, how to conduct a risk assessment, and understand the importance of effective communication

Where is the old STEP Tool?

Just as the STEP Tool replaced some of our previous publications (HSG155 Slips and trips: Guidance for employers on identifying hazards and controlling risks and HSG156 Slips and trips: Guidance for the food processing industry), now these new courses update and replace the Step Tool.

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