Known Software Issues

Below is a list of issues with the SAT that we are aware of. If you have a problem with the system, check here to see if it has already been logged. If it is not listed, please send details of the problem together with the version of the SAT you are using to [email protected].

The current version of the SAT is 1.1.0. Please download the latest version if your software is earlier than this.

Description Workaround Identified in version Fixed in version
The list of previous site assessments does not appear in the list box when attempting to load a saved assessment.

This can occur if text saved within the data file (for instance text entered from the Assessment Details screen) includes the characters '&' or '<'. Please avoid using these characters when entering text into the system until a new version of the SAT is released.

1.00 1.1.0
The 'What type of meter should I use' FAQ states that the Roughness Unit is mm but it should state ┬Ám. Use the FAQ pages on the website for the most recent version of the FAQs. 1.00 1.1.0

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Updated: 2021-05-06