Instructions for downloading and installing the SAT 

The SAT consists of several files and folders that need to be copied to your hard drive in order for it to run successfully. They are packaged as a 'ZIP' file, which makes this a relatively straightforward process. The following instructions are for a Windows 2000 PC and the exact method may be slightly different dependent upon your computer configuration. You must have WinZip installed on your PC in order to install the SAT. You can download this from If you require any help, please contact your system administrator or email [email protected].

Step 1 - Download the ZIP File

Download the SAT ZIP file by clicking on the link on the download page and choosing the 'Save' option from the dialog displayed. The following dialog box should appear:

screenshot of dialog box

Select the location to which you want to save the file and press the 'Save' button.

Step 2 - Install the SAT

Navigate to the location to which you have saved the above file and open it by double-clicking on it. This should have launched WinZip. If WinZip is not installed on your computer it can be obtained from Choose the 'Extract' option (below) which may vary depending on the version of WinZip that you are using.

screenshot of winzip with extract circled

A dialog similar to the following should be displayed:

screenshot of winzip dialog box

Choose the location in which you want to install the SAT by typing it in the 'Extract to:' text box (eg c:\sat) and click the 'Extract' button. Note: You must have write permission for the specified folder.

The files should now be installed in the selected folder, which should look similar to:

screenshot of windows explorer

Note: the exact look will vary depending on the operating system and view options on your computer.

Step 3 - Run the SAT

Run the SAT by double clicking on the 'sat.exe' file (the file may just appear as 'sat' depending on your computer's settings).

screenshot of windows explorer with sat.exe circled

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Updated: 2022-11-10