GB-based holder of an existing EU REACH authorisation


GB-based holders of an existing authorisation (where the European Commission had granted an authorisation decision before the end of the Transition Period), could have their existing EU authorisation (including the review period and any conditions attached to the authorisation) carried over ('grandfathered') into UK REACH providing they submitted certain information by 1 March 2021.

Authorisation holders who submitted the information are included as grandfathered authorisations on the List of UK REACH authorisations – granted and applications in progress.

Downstream users of grandfathered authorisations

New users relying on a grandfathered authorisation must notify HSE that they are a downstream user of a UK REACH authorisation (make an ‘Article 66 notification’).

Existing downstream users (users before the end of the Transition Period) relying on an authorisation granted before the end of the transition period should have notified HSE by 1 March 2021. This notification allows the existing user to continue to use the authorised substance in accordance with the existing authorisation until it expires, unless informed otherwise.

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Updated 2022-03-30