REACH Independent Scientific Expert Pool (RISEP)

HSE acts as the Agency for UK REACH and will use independent experts in the REACH Independent Scientific Expert Pool (RISEP). RISEP will provide the Agency with independent scientific expert advice on the safety and regulation of chemicals and support its scientific opinions.

RISEP membership

Membership of RISEP consists of experts in these areas:

We will publish a list of members, their professional qualifications and declared interests.

Statement on independent scientific knowledge and advice (ISA) and transparency

For more information on how the Agency will use ISA, role and responsibilities of RISEP and how the Agency will act with transparency when exercising its functions under UK REACH read the Statement on transparency and the use of scientific knowledge and advice.

Get involved in UK REACH

The Agency also welcomes involvement from businesses, non-governmental organisations, civil society groups and other interested groups.

Updated 2022-03-30