Applying for a UK REACH Authorisation

The existing EU Authorisation list (Annex XIV) (as it stood at the end of the Transition Period) has been retained under UK REACH. The same latest application dates (LADs) and sunset dates (SDs) apply except for entries 44 to 54 whose LADs are amended to 18 months after the end of the transition period (Article 127GA (7)&(8)). Additionally, in certain situations where an application was made before the EU LAD but was not granted by the end of the transition period special transitional provisions apply giving those applicants an extended LAD to submit an application under UK REACH.

The process for applying for an authorisation under UK REACH is very similar to the EU process and much of the ECHA guidance and templates can be used. There is information on the ECHA website on how to identify whether you need to apply for authorisation and how you can prepare.

If you think you will need to apply for UK REACH authorisation you should contact the Agency in the first instance to notify your intention at [email protected], using the subject "notification of intention to submit an application for authorisation".

The following information should be provided:

  • Foreseen submission date
  • The Substance(s) and use(s)for which the application will be made
  • The applicant(s) and role(s) in the supply chain
  • Contact details

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Updated 2022-03-30