Narrow band saw

Back guard
In the past, when the blade-guard dropped, operators tended to grab it to lift it up, making contact with the blade in the process; therefore, a back guard is now fitted
Wood mouthpiece
A wood mouthpiece should be fitted around the blade to prevent finger access (indication of poor maintenance if worn)
Guard under table
It is important that there is a guard under the table to prevent the blade being ejected if it snaps, as well as accidental contact during use.
Snapped blade.
Over braking can snap the blade.
Fence, guide and push stick.
When used with the fence, a guide should also be used to reduce the amount of blade exposed. Fingers should be kept out of direct line with the blade and a push stick used, particularly for small work pieces.

A clicking noise is indicative of a cracked blade. The flywheel cover should be locked but an interlock is not required. However, micro switches tend to be fitted on newer machines to stop them starting. To determine the minimum size of the blade required to cut a curve, draw a tangent to the curve and measure contact with the curve.

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Updated 2021-07-06