Incident on semi-automatic cross-cut saw

What happened?

A worker at a pallet manufacturer lost three fingers on his left hand when assisting the operator of a semi-automatic cross cut saw by loading material and removing off-cuts.

Why did it happen?

The investigation identified that guarding was required. The worker was also new and had not received any training on the dangers of the saw.

Unguarded machine at time of incident

Photograph of unguarded semi-automatic cross-cut saw

Actions taken

Guarding was fitted to this and another similar saw. The Bolton pallet manufacturer was also convicted of health and safety offences.

Additional nose guard fitted after the incident

Photograph of additional nose guard fitted after the incident

For more information go to HSE's Press Release.

For more information on semi-automatic and automatic cross cut saws, see Woodworking Information Sheet No.35

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Updated 2021-07-05