Costly supermarket slips

Mushroom slip leaves woman compelled to use a wheelchair and costs a supermarket £550,000

A female shopper, left compelled to use a wheelchair after slipping on a mushroom in a supermarket, was awarded £550,000in compensation in January 2003.

The accident happened in 1997. Although the fall was painful, doctors initially diagnosed nothing worse than minor damage to the woman's finger. But within months, she was complaining of pains to her right hip. Her condition worsened and became so painful that she was forced to give up work in November 1998.

Doctors eventually decided the only remedy was a hip replacement and she had the operation in August 1999. Unfortunately the prosthetic joint later failed and had to be removed, leaving her needing to use a wheelchair.

Supermarket worker awarded £200,000 following slip

A supermarket worker was awarded £200,000 for injuries she suffered when she slipped in cream spilled by a customer.

Cleaners had moped the original spillage but the worker fell heavily at the same spot because the floor had not been cleaned effectively and was left greasy.

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