Local Authority weatherproofs their new reception area

A local authority in South Wales receives hundreds of visitors every day. When refurbishing the large public reception area the project design team carefully considered the specification of the floor. They recognised that whilst most of the water brought in on people's shoes would be removed by the barrier matting system provided in the entrance lobby, the floor could regularly become wet with rainwater falling off visitors' umbrellas, clothing and prams etc. Whilst the floor nearest the entrance doorway would probably become most wet, all areas of the floor to which the public had access could be affected.

The project team recognised that wet floors were potentially slippery, and therefore chose a slip resistant floor throughout the entire reception area. They specified a floor following HSE guidelines, requesting reliable test data (eg from the Pendulum test) from the flooring supplier. A mineral-based tile was chosen, which not only maintained slip resistance in wet conditions but had other attractive characteristics including durability and cleanability.

The same floor tiles have also been provided in the public washrooms next to reception, thus providing continuity of flooring throughout the area.

The new floor not only remains slip resistant in wet conditions, such as when it is raining outside, but looks good and is easy to maintain.

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Updated 2021-06-03