Watch your step in education

What is it all about?

We want to help you to stop slip and trip accidents happening to you and your colleagues. To spur you into action we are running an initiative over the next year. We are developing a range of materials to enable you to identify and tackle the problem and promotional aids to assist you with raising awareness. You may also have the opportunity to attend a workshop.

Why education?

55% of all accidents in education are caused by a slip or a trip. Last year, almost 2000 major injury slip and trip accidents in the education sector were reported to us, 571 of which were to employees, a 5% rise on the previous year. 90% of major accidents resulted in a broken bone causing considerable personal distress and a significant amount of time away from work.

When taking action to prevent accidents, there is a tendency to focus on protecting and educating students, but staff and others in educational establishments are equally as important and have a major role to play in preventing slips and trips.

Who is this for?

This initiative is primarily for those responsible for health and safety in higher and further education, and for local authority health and safety advisors for schools. Others, for example teaching, catering and cleaning staff, will also have an interest. Please look at all the information on these web pages and bring them to the attention of your colleagues.

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