Step 5: Public consultation and independent scientific advice

Public consultation

HSE will make the DAR available to the public on the HSE Consultations Hub.

You can request that information is kept confidential.

The public will have 60 days to submit comments.

Independent Scientific Advice (ISA)

HSE may may independent scientific advice from the Expert Committee on Pesticides (ECP) who provide independent scientific advice for pesticides in GB. This is in accordance with Article 7(5)12 of the retained Regulation 1107/2009 ( website).

The DAR will be discussed in detail at a 'day-one' event; this will always be held the afternoon before the ECP business meeting that the active substance is scheduled for. HSE will give a summary of the active substance evaluation and outline key areas that require ISA. ECP and HSE members will discuss the DAR. ECP members may raise any queries on areas for further information or where clarification is needed to enable them to provide ISA. If HSE decides they need further information from you they will tell you what is required and will give a deadline for submission.

At the ECP business meeting, HSE will give an overview of the active substance evaluation and the questions for ISA.

After the ECP business meeting, the ECP Secretariat will draft an advice note. The advice note includes the ISA from the ECP. At the next ECP business meeting, the draft advice note will be presented to the Committee. ECP members will discuss the advice note and any updates provided and agree the final note. The ECP Secretariat will finalise the advice note and formally submit to HSE.

The public consultation may take place at the same time as the ISA process. In some cases, HSE may seek ISA at an earlier stage. HSE may provide further opportunity for public and applicant engagement.

The responses from the public consultation and ISA will be considered in the decision-making process and included in the conclusion. HSE's response to the public consultation and ISA will also be included in the conclusion.

HSE charges a fee for the coordination of ISA and public consultation.

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