HSE fees charged for individual application types


The following fees apply to individual application types . When you submit an application you will be invoiced for the appropriate total fee; where an application is subject to a detailed technical sift the fees applicable will be applied in stages reflecting the validation check, detailed technical sift and evaluation stage, although only one invoice will be issued. Additional fees may also be applied mid evaluation where additional data or a case is required and accepted. The figures below are for information only.

Fees for plant protection product stream applications


Specialist modules

Official recognition

Fees for active substance applications

The appropriate Band will be determined following the resource estimate at the applications sift.

Core data (new active substances, synergists, safeners, basic substances and renewal of existing active substances)

Partial dossier (new active substances, synergists, safeners, basic substances and UK active substance renewal)

Biological and pheromones (core)

Biological partial dossiers

Pheromone partial dossiers

Pre-submission meetings

£5,200 Meeting before the submission of an application for a new active substance, safener or synergist, biocontrol and pheromone applications or renewal of an existing active substance (associated plant protection product applications can also be discussed at such pre-submission meetings).

Updated 2021-08-23