Step 3: Admissibility check

HSE will carry out an admissibility check to:  

  • determine if the application meets the requirements
  • see if there are areas that require further clarification to support evaluation
  • identify missing elements

The application must meet the requirements set in Article 8 of retained Regulation 1107/2009 ( website).

HSE will complete the check within 45 days of receiving the application.

You will have 3 months to submit any missing elements. If you do not, the application will be inadmissible.

If the application is:

  • admissible, HSE will notify you and the GB competent authorities
  • inadmissible, HSE will inform you and the GB competent authorities, and you will need to do a new application

HSE will make the summary dossier available to the public but you can request that information is kept confidential

HSE charges a fee for the admissibility check.

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Updated 2023-10-02