Pesticides registration

Before any pesticide product can be used, sold, supplied or stored it must be authorised for use.

These authorisations are granted by the Chemicals Regulation Division (CRD) on behalf of Ministers under a range of specific pesticide related legislation.

This page links to information on applying for approval of active substances in the EU and authorisation of products in the UK.

The Registration Process

Details on how to submit an application.

Approval and review of active substances in GB

Guidance on how to go about applying for approval for a new active substance in GB, along with guidance on the renewal of existing active substances.

Fees for Applications

Information on CRD Fees charged for individual application types

Data Requirements

Details of the data requirements for approval of active substances and authorisation of products

Classification and Labelling guidance

Guidance on classification and labelling of products

Application Forms

See a list of application forms

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Updated 2023-06-29