The main causes of injury are:

  • Injured while handling, lifting or carrying
  • Slipping, tripping or falling on the same level
  • Hit by moving, flying or falling object
  • Contact with moving machinery

The main causes of occupational ill health are:

  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Skin disease, eg Dermatitis

Industry specific guidance

COSHH essentials in ceramics

Strategy and targets

The Ceramic Industry Health and Safety Pledge was launched in 2001 in response to the Revitalising health and safety strategy. It was a health and safety improvement initiative which:

  • set key targets
  • identified actions that could be taken to achieve reductions in workplace injuries and ill health
  • took the steps necessary to share and promote good health and safety practice within the industry.

Pledge phase two

Launched in 2005 to build on the success of the first four years.  It focused on several themes which had emerged from the Pledge including a greater emphasis on communication with employees and the development of tools to help employers.

Pledge phase three

Launched in 2010. This is more strategic in its approach and is aligned with the HSE strategy – 'The Health and Safety of Great Britain – be part of the solution.'

Pledge phase four

The fourth phase of the health and safety pledge was launched in 2017 and is closely aligned with the HSE's 2016 Strategy 'Helping Great Britain Work Well', which has the following 6 key themes:

  • Acting Together - Promoting ownership of health and safety in Britain.
  • Tackling Ill Health - Tackling and highlighting the costs of work related ill health.
  • Managing Risk Well - Simplifying risk management and helping business to grow.
  • Supporting Small Employers - Giving SMEs simple advice so they know what they must do.
  • Keeping Pace with Change - Anticipating and tackling new health and safety challenges.
  • Sharing our Success - Promoting the benefits of Britain's world class health and safety system.

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Updated: 2024-06-05