Using a pneumatic squeeze press

The problem

One drawback of using bench-top, pneumatic impact presses is the high noise resulting from the metal actuator striking the tool rams to transmit sufficient force to the workpiece.

The solution

Pneumatic squeeze press

One way to avoid this is to use a squeeze press. With this, a pneumatic actuator brings the ram onto the workpiece and then applies the force required to perform the operation through a second steady pressure, so avoiding any unwanted impact.

The squeeze press illustrated can exert a forming load of up to 2 tonnes. The pneumatic actuator assembly can be fitted retrospectively to certain types of impact presses. It includes a safety feature preventing the full secondary working load from being applied until the ram actually touches the workpiece.

Noise generated by compressed air exhaust flow can be dealt with by fitting a standard proprietary air exhaust silencer.

The cost

About £1400 for a new press, and £500 to retrofit an existing press. (1995)

The result

20 dB has been claimed compared with levels from similarly sized impact presses.


Information supplied by Fort Vale Engineering Limited.

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Updated 2010-04-02