Elastic yarn covering machine

The Problem

Elastic yarn covering machine

The OMM-Type yarn covering machine is some 10m long, 2m high and about 1m deep. It covers elastic yarn with fine thread and winds it onto a total of 160 spindles. The spindles are arranged in two rows on either side of the machine. A motor-driven belt that is tensioned by 160 jockeys drives each row. These machines produce daily noise exposures of 100dB and clearly are a major problem.

Elastic yarn covering machine

The Solution

The Results

The staff noise exposures were reduced by 15dB. A side benefit of the replacement spindles was that they required less maintenance.

The Costs

The total cost at today's rates was circa £10,000 for the full treatment ignoring the cost of replacement spindles, which was an on going maintenance issue.

Information supplied by

Wykes of Leicester Ltd & PDA Ltd.

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Updated 2021-02-10