CNC punch press

The Problem

CNC punch press

Three large CNC punch presses were generating high levels of noise in an otherwise 'fairly' quiet workshop area.

CNC punch press

The Solution

An in-house designed acoustic enclosures constructed on site by a local contractor consisting of:

  • 20mm MDF either side of wooden frame
  • 100mm cavity packed with mineral wool
  • External skin of 12.5mm plasterboard with plaster skim
  • 10mm 'double glazed' Perspex viewing window
  • Standard U-section sliding door with brush seals with interlock system
  • Externally mounted machine controls
  • Full modular construction enabling maintenance and removal of machines
  • An interlock door system negates the need for light barrier or a pressure-sensitive pad safety system and lowers insurance premium.

The Results

Measured internal to external field level difference of 25dB resulting in a much quieter workshop environment.

The Costs

Approximately one third of the price of standard commercially available industrial metal acoustic enclosure system.

Information supplied by

HQC Ltd.

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Updated 2021-02-10