Training and supervision

You need to train workers who are involved with the provision and use of molten metal protective clothing to make sure that the personal protective equipment (PPE) is used effectively and workers are protected.  

Training should be provided to:

  • the person responsible for issuing the equipment
  • operators regularly working with or near molten metal
  • production area supervisory staff
  • maintenance staff
  • managers and other staff who occasionally visit the production areas
  • occasional visitors

The type and level of training each employee requires will depend on the nature of their work, the risks to which they are exposed and what their involvement is with the provision and use of the PPE. 

The following areas should be covered:

  • the risks and effects of contact with molten metal
  • the limitations of the protective equipment they are expected to wear
  • how to wear each item to maximise protection
  • how to take care of each item
  • how to report any defects, damage or other problems, for example
  • shrinkage,* where appropriate
  • how to examine each item and identify defects and damage

*NB: Occasional visitors should not need this information because the protective clothing should be suitable and in good condition when it is given to them


Monitoring is necessary to check that the protective clothing you provide is being worn by those people who need it and:

  • the correct clothing has been selected
  • it is being worn correctly when needed
  • the clothing is being properly maintained and cleaned
  • it is being correctly stored when it is not being used

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Updated 2023-05-16