Health and safety in the molten metals industry

This website provides information and advice on the main causes of injury and ill-health in the molten metals industry.

It will help you to manage the hazards and risks which are prevalent in the industry and will also provide information on other areas of interest within the industry.

Foundry Long Latency Health Risks Project

This project attempts to address the question 'what improvements can be practicably aimed for within the foundry industry to bring about a reduction in the number of cases of work-related ill health'.

In essence - what constitutes a "model" foundry?

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Castings Health and Safety Advisory Committee - CHASAC

New name for what used to be the Foundries Industry Advisory Committee (FIAC).

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Molten metal protective clothing

This information is for anybody, including directors, managers and safety representatives, involved in the selection, provision and maintenance of personal protective equipment (PPE) in foundries.

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Updated 2022-01-19