Programme of work

HSE's plan of work for the mining industry targets the key priorities identified in the Revitalising Health and Safety Strategy and additional priority topics identified by HSE's Hazardous Installations Directorate (HID).

Much of HID's activities are driven by statutory duties on HSE arising from permissioning and licensing, mining is no exception to this.

Mining legislation gives rise to a number of permissioning activities, notification of certain activities is required. Though some notifications received by the Mines Inspectorate are not due to legal obligation the current policy is to assess all mining notifications and to follow up where there appear to be substantive issues.

At visits to Mines, HSE inspectors will be seeking to ensure that management systems are in place to address any issues that exist.

The Mines Inspectorate (MI) exchanges information with its industry stakeholders in a number of ways:

  • The Mining Industry Leadership Group (MISLG) includes members from key sectors of the industry. Its primary role is to provide a forum to develop, lead and implement a strategy for health and safety in the mining industry. The group is committed to addressing the following strategic goals:
    • Leadership
    • Involving the workforce
    • Avoiding catastrophe
    • Building competence
    • Creating healthier, safer workplaces
  • On the European front, MI has a strong association with the EU's 'Standing Working Party for the Mining and Other Extractive Industries functioning within DG V's Advisory Committee on Safety and Health at Work', chairing one of its sub-committees.
  • Senior mechanical and electrical engineers from both coal and non-coal mine operators attend regular 'Engineering Liason Meetings' chaired by MI.

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