4. What your employer must do

Employers have the same responsibilities for migrant workers as they do for their British workforce.

They are responsible for the health, safety and workplace welfare of every person doing work for them. They must check risks to their workers, and anyone who could be harmed by the work. If they identify a risk, your employer must tell you about it and the precautions they have taken to protect you and other workers.

Your employer’s main responsibilities include:

  • telling you about any health and safety risks connected with your job
  • giving you the information, instruction and training you need to work safely and then checking to make sure you understand it
  • making sure you have been properly trained to drive or operate any machinery and not allowing you to do that work unless you have been properly trained
  • giving you free protective equipment or clothing, if needed for the work, which should be warm and/or waterproof if you have to work outside
  • making sure you have access to an adequate toilet, washing facilities and clean drinking water
  • making sure you have access to emergency first aid
  • considering risks to women of childbearing age, particularly if they are pregnant or breastfeeding (for example risks from working with certain chemicals)
  • considering the needs of workers under 18, who might be less able to cope with the same physical demands as a fully grown adult, or more prone to risk because they have less working experience

For more specific guidance read our advice for employers of migrant workers.

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Updated 2023-10-17