This page provides occupational health and safety guidance for the storage and warehousing industry. It is aimed at both employers and employees of those in the storage and warehousing industry, as well as those who work at or around warehouses in the course of their jobs, such as hauliers and couriers.

These pages will help you understand:

  • which topics are the main causes of injury and ill health in storage and warehousing;
  • where to get useful guidance on how to manage these risks;
  • the role of HSE in the storage and warehousing industry; and
  • how to manage health and safety in warehouses to ensure compliance with legal requirements.

Accidents in storage and warehousing

In 2009/10 the storage, warehousing and road haulage industries reported over 8500 work related accidents to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Local Authorities. Almost 1600 of these accidents were classified as major injuries such as fractures and amputations.


The free short guide 'Warehousing and storage ‘Keep it safe’ INDG412 has been produced to help those involved in warehousing and storage reduce the number of injuries and cases of occupational ill health. Use the link to download the leaflet.

A more comprehensive guide Warehousing and storage: A guide to health and safety' HSG76 is also available to buy in hard copy, or to download for free. Though in parts specific to specialist sites (eg temperature-controlled or dangerous substance storage) the majority of the book's focus applies right across the sector regardless of facility or size. Many special attention topics, such as manual handling, musculoskeletal awareness, mechanical handling, site transport and working at height plus more, are covered in detail but the broader emphasis is on responsible warehouse practices, general prevention of avoidable risks and hazards and attendant information of accident and emergency procedures.

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