• Load security on double-deck trailers (2012) - This research considers good practice in the safe use of this type of vehicle and identifies measures that operators can take to reduce the risks inherent in using double-deck trailers. Safe loading, delivery planning and consideration of issues such as manual handling and working at heights are all factors that can improve the efficiency of loading and unloading and reduce economic loss in terms of damage to product and vehicle. Load placement and securing have been identified as issues that can be addressed through load planning, risk assessment, training and communication between all parties of the transport chain.
  • Safe Transport of Roll cages (2011) - This report gives an overview of current practice, legislation and guidance, identifies the problems associated with transporting roll cages, and offers practical information on good practice for loading and securing roll cages for safe loading, transport and unloading.
  • Safety of Roll containers (2002): This research report identifies the causes of roll container accidents; provides advice on roll container design to improve stability and to reduce the risk of accidents during handling (both wheel and handle design are specifically included), provides advice on loading limits for roll containers, including load distribution and produces recommendations on the use of tail lifts for use with roll containers.
  • Furniture Distribution Guidance – Warehouse to Delivery (2006): This report provides information to HSE Inspectors with regard to the risk factors involved in the furniture industry. This includes both warehouse and delivery environments, the types of handling aids and devices that are currently on the market that may reduce the risk of injury to employees.

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