LA intervention and enforcement activity

Local Authorities provide data on their health and safety intervention, enforcement and prosecution activity on an annual basis. The response rate is much lower than in recent years, which is likely to be in large part due to the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on local authority resources.

The Annual LAE1 return is provided to HSE by LAs via an on-line survey on HELex.

The annual return data was presented to the HELA committee at their meeting in September 2019.  HSE publishes the data to allow LAs to benchmark and peer review their work with other LAs. The return for the year 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020 is now available:

Further details on LA intervention planning and the selection of intervention approaches can be found in LAC 67/2 (rev 10).

Information on occupational injuries, ill-health, and enforcement action, for Scotland, Wales and the English regions.

Updated 2021-04-26