Industry code of practice for operator training in amenity horticulture and similar environments

SIM 01/2002/02


This OG informs inspectors of the work by the British Agricultural and Garden Machinery Association (BAGMA) with industry to produce a code of practice for the training of operators of machinery in amenity horticulture and similar environments such as sports turf.


In September 2001 BAGMA launched an industry code of practice to be followed by dealerships when supplying machinery to a new user.  The intention of the code was to increase the role of machinery dealerships in the training of operators beyond simply handing over machinery to the new user. BAGMA consulted with manufacturers, contractors, training providers and HSE prior to publishing the code.

Action required by inspectors

Inspectors should note the content of the code (see Appendix 1) and  consider it as an example of good practice. Inspectors may also wish to refer to the code when serving enforcement notices or as evidence in support of prosecutions.

Employers who follow the code should be considered to have met some of the requirements of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 and in particular the duty to provide user training.
Inspectors should note that only operators who have attended and successfully passed an assessed training course should be considered to be competent.


7.  For further advice please contact Agriculture Waste and Recycling  Sector – Safety team, Nottingham.


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