Advice on acceptance criteria for damaged passive fire protection coatings on offshore installations


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This SPC introduces Offshore Information Sheet 12/2007, which provides guidance for evaluating the condition of passive fire protective coatings found offshore, and prioritising any repair action required. Feedback on issues raised as a result of inspections would be welcomed by OSD3.2. This SPC replaces SPC/Tech/OSD/36, which has been withdrawn.

Background information for inspectors

A methodology for evaluating damage to protective fire coatings has been proposed (Ref. 1) and it is recommended this is used to evaluate the level of any damage to a PFP coating in the context of the Fire Hazard it is designed to mitigate.

Anomalies in PFP coatings identified by Inspection should be repaired based on the outcome of a risk assessment specific to the location, and the severity of damage. It is the duty holder's responsibility to make decisions on a repair strategy. Duty holders are advised to use repair procedures provided by material suppliers and manufacturers for the standard repairs to PFP that typically involve re-instatement of material of the same type. These procedures cover surface preparation, reinforcement, etc. It is advised that certain procedures undertaken by integrity management contractors that involve "non-standard" repair procedures are avoided.


Acceptance Criteria for Damaged Passive Fire Protection Coatings ref MMUO13 – P2-R-01 (Joint Industry Project).

Full details are provided in the information sheet.

Further advice

For further advice relating to this SPC contact - OSD3.2 - Tel 0151 951 3144

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