Staying safe while storing and using petrol

Petrol is a dangerous substance; it is a highly flammable liquid that gives off vapour which can easily be set on fire and when not handled safely has the potential to cause a serious fire and/or explosion. 

This means there is the risk of serious personal injury if petrol is stored or used in an unsafe way. 

Because of these risks storing petrol safely is covered by the Petroleum (Consolidation) Regulations 2014; and this legislation applies to you if you store petrol at home, or somewhere where you need it for a leisure activity

Don't store petrol unless you have to.

If you do have to store petrol STORE IT SAFELY!

Do not take petrol into any house, flat or anywhere where people live.

Keep it out of the reach of children. 

Keep it out of direct sunlight.

Remember, an empty container that previously held petrol may also be unsafe because of the fumes which can remain in the container.  Keep the cap of the container securely fastened, and follow the same advice as for storing petrol.

At the petrol filling station

Follow petrol station safety instructions whenever you are filling your petrol tank or portable container.  Containers must be placed on the ground when filling.

Always dismount from your motorbike before filling the petrol tank

Gardening activities

Make sure your petrol fuelled lawn mower has cooled down before refilling it with petrol.  And only fill the tanks of lawn mowers or any other machines in the open air away from buildings.

Lighting BBQs or bonfires

Don't use petrol as an accelerant to light fires.

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Updated 2022-04-26