Who should make a report?

Generator operators

A person who generates electricity at high voltage for the purpose of supplying consumers' installations via a network.

Transmission operators

Those licenced to transmit electricity either as Transmission Owners and/or Transmission Operators.

Distribution network operators

A person who owns and operates a network, except for a network where that person is an operator of a network within the meaning of Part 1 of the Railways Act 1993.


A person who contracts to supply electricity to consumers.

Meter operators / smart meter communicators

A person who installs, maintains or removes metering equipment used for measuring the flow of energy to or from a network at or near the supply terminals.

Members of the public

Should not make reports under ESQCR, guidance is available if you wish to raise a concern about workplace health and safety. Alternatively, if you wish to report certain serious workplace accidents, occupational diseases or specified dangerous occurrences (near misses), you can do so under RIDDOR Regulations 2013.

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