ESQCR - Incident reporting FAQs

Can I change a report?

No, a report cannot be changed once submitted. You can preview your report at any stage while entering the information. Further information may however be added to the report in the form of additional comments. You will need to contact the HSE Incident Contact Centre on 0345 300 9923 for this to be carried out.

If the report type changes (eg from an injury to a fatality), then a new report must be submitted. Reference to the earlier report can be made in comments. If the report was subsequently found not to be needed (eg fatal report, but that the duty holder's equipment was not directly involved), then email the information to [email protected].

Your report represents your company's legal duty to report an incident under the relevant statute.

How do I contact someone at HSE regarding a serious incident?

Contact the HSE Incident Contact Centre on 0345 300 9923. There are arrangements to pass the details onto the relevant HSE Inspector.

How do I contact DECC regarding a major supply interruption?

During office hours on 0300 068 5766, out of hours contact the Duty Office on 020 7215 3234.

What type of incidents do I have to report?

Those that are reportable under the ESQCR, namely those incidents involving the public electricity supply equipment involving people not employed by the duty holders and major supply interruptions.

How do I report a fatality?

Contact the HSE Incident Contact Centre on 0345 300 9923. There are arrangements to pass the details onto the relevant HSE Inspector.

How do I report a fire & explosion event?

If an injury has occurred as a result, it should be reported as an injury under ESQCR otherwise it should be reported as an 'Other event'.

If reported as an 'Other event', then a choice is offered whether it is reportable as a 'Dangerous occurrence' under RIDDOR or not:

  • If yes (ie RIDDOR), the RIDDOR incident types of 'fire and explosion caused by electrical short circuit', or 'explosion or fire resulting in plant stoppage' are offered.
  • If no, then there is the option under the ESQCR cause of 'fire and explosion'.

According to RIDDOR and the associated guidance, most network equipment fires and explosions (eg transformers, switchgear, link boxes, cutouts, etc) will come under the RIDDOR 'Dangerous occurrence' category. Possibly only a few will remain in the 'not reportable under RIDDOR' category (some pole-top fires and anything of a lower severity/impact).

What is an 'injury'?

An injury (including any electric shock) to any person other than a person engaged by the duty holder for the purposes of his business.

A serious injury (that requiring telephoning brief details) means any injury which results in the person injured being admitted into hospital as an inpatient.

What is an 'other' event?

Any event other than an injury and fatality which, taking into account the circumstances of the event was likely to have caused either an injury, fatality or fire and explosion.

What is a domestic fatality report?

Any event attributable in whole or in part to the presence of energy on the consumers' side of the supply terminals on any non-industrial and non-commercial premises resulting in the death of any person.

Why does the HSE need to know about a major supply interruption?

It doesn't. The HSE reporting portal is just being used to facilitate the reporting of all incidents under ESQCR. Major supply interruption reports are automatically notified onto DECC.

Is the information I provide confidential?

Yes, there is a confidentiality statement on Page 1 of the online report form.

What is the difference between ESQCR and RIDDOR?

Reports under RIDDOR require employers and other people who are in control of work premises to report and keep records of:

  1. work-related deaths
  2. certain serious injuries (reportable injuries)
  3. diagnosed cases of certain industrial diseases
  4. certain dangerous occurrences

Reports by duty holders under ESQCR are those involving incidents to those that are not employed by the duty holder. They also include domestic fatalities where electrocution was the cause. Reports also include major supply interruptions.

How do I report an incident out of hours?

Information on when, and how, to report very serious or dangerous incidents, can be found by visiting the HSE ways to contact HSE webpage. If you want to report less serious incidents out of normal working hours, you can always complete an online form.

Are two reports required where, for example, a fire also results in a major supply interruption?

Yes, HSE receive safety incidents and supply interruption incidents are forwarded onto DECC.

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