Solderer - common causes of asthma

Rosin based solder flux fume is produced when soldering. This fume is a top cause of occupational asthma.

It affects workers in the electronics and assembly industries.

See COSHH Essentials - Publication for detailed advice on control.

Top tips

  • Do you have to use flux containing rosin? There are other fluxing agents available
  • Never overheat the soldering iron
  • Use fume extraction
  • Keep your head out of the plume of solder fume
  • You need regular health surveillance

Reduce disease - reduce exposure to rosin based solder flux fume

Fume extraction - a soldering booth is best. On-tip extraction blocks up swiftly and needs frequent cleaning. Bench-mounted boxes are of limited use unless fitted with a HEPA filter.

Maintain the fume extraction system regularly.

Case study

These case studies are all real incidents with real and often serious long-term consequences for the people involved.

Further information

You can find more guidance and information for solderers on the Asthma publications - soldiers pages.

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