Vehicle spray painter - common causes of asthma

Isocyanate (typically in 2-pack paints) is the most common cause of occupational asthma. It also causes dermatitis.

It affects workers spraying 2-pack (2K) isocyanate paints in motor vehicle repair and in motor vehicle repair.

See COSHH essentials for paint spraying in motor vehicle repair for detailed advice on control.

Top tips

Reduce disease - reduce exposure to isocyanate mist

You breathe isocyanate mist when you raise your BA visor to check the paint film quality, or prime or wash out the gun by spraying without wearing BA.

Check that the air-fed BA and working procedures are effective enough by measuring your exposure using biological monitoring.

Maintain the booth and BA regularly and keep unprotected persons out of the spraying areas.

More information for employers

You can find more guidance and information on the Asthma publications pages. These also contain information on isocyanate use in other sectors.

Case study

These case studies are all real incidents with real and often serious long-term consequences for the people involved.

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