National Statistics policies

The majority of HSE's published statistics are classified as "National Statistics". This means that the policies and practices involved in the compilation and publication of the statistics are compliant with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics. This can be broadly interpreted to mean that the statistics meet user needs; are produced, managed and disseminated to high standards; and are well explained.

HSE has been assessed by the UK Statistics Authority on two occasions, first in 2010 and then reassessed in 2013. The respective assessment reports and HSE's response are provided below.

2013 assessment report

2010 assessment report

Pre-release access

HSE's policy on pre-release access and the list of those receiving such access are shown below:

Further information about how HSE complies with the Code of Practice and the policies we apply can be found on subsequent pages.

Confidentiality Policy

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Updated 2023-11-17