Slip resistance tests

What other slip test methods are available?

A number of alternative test methods are available for the assessment of floor surface slip resistance. RAMP-BASED tests can allow the accurate generation of slip resistance data. German National Standards based on ramp tests exist, but their use may not always be ideal due to the unusual contaminants and footwear used during standard tests. BSI (the British Standards Institution) are currently developing a ramp test, which will use more applicable contaminants and footwear types. This ramp method is currently used by HSE / HSL during research into the causes and means of prevention of pedestrian slips. SLED TESTS can be used for the accurate measurement of floor surface friction, provided that the floors under examination are completely clean and dry. It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that such tests are NOT used to assess the slipperiness of wet or contaminated floors. It has been shown on many occasions that such tests may produce misleading information when used in such conditions.

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Updated: 2021-05-06