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In-year work-related deaths reported to HSE and local authorities

These statistics cover work-related fatalities that are reportable under RIDDOR, and are updated on a quarterly basis. A consequence of providing detail that is as up-to-date as possible is that many of the cases listed are still under investigation. Therefore, these statistics are released on a provisional basis and may be subject to revision as more accurate information becomes available.

Some deaths are excluded from these statistics as they are reportable under other legislation. The main exclusions are as follows:

  1. Fatal accidents involving workers travelling on a public highway (a 'road traffic accident'). Such incidents are enforced by the police and reported to the Department for Transport. Those killed whilst commuting (travelling from home to work, and vice versa) are also excluded.
  2. Fatal accidents involving workers travelling by air or sea. These incidents are the responsibility of the Air Accident Investigation Branch and Marine Accident Investigation Branch, and reported accordingly.
  3. Fatal injuries at work due to 'natural causes', usually heart attacks or strokes, unless brought on by trauma due to the accident.
  4. Accidents to members of the armed forces.
  5. As from April 2015, these figures no longer include ‘patient and service user’ deaths in England for premises registered with Care Quality Commission (CQC). Previously these statistics were recorded as ‘member of the public’ deaths in ‘services’. For more information on this change, please see Memorandum of Understanding between the Care Quality Commission, the Health and Safety Executive and Local Authorities in England

The latest quarterly fatal injury figures are available to download.

Updated 2016-11-02