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User engagement


Meeting user needs is the first principle of the Code of Practice for Official Statistics. This statement outlines how we put this principle into practice at HSE and how you can engage with us to improve our statistics.

How to tell us what you think

  1. Specific consultations: Periodically, we will seek user views on specific issues or areas of development. This will generally be done via the statistics eBulletin service.
  2. General feedback: At any time, you can provide views and suggestions on the range of statistics we provide and their presentation via the feedback form. We will particularly promote the use of this feedback mechanism after our main annual statistics release each autumn.

How we will respond

We will review all comments and suggestions as they arrive although any substantial changes to our outputs or presentation will need to be prioritised as part of our broader planning process. Once a year, we will post a report on the statistics website summarising the comments received and our response to them. After views from internal and external users have been considered and the available resources have been prioritised, a top level statistics workplan will be published.

More information on the latest workplan:

Activity in 2015/16

HSE’s statisticians are continually looking to improve the service for our customers. During 2015/16 we are undertaking an analysis of existing information relating to user engagement e.g. web activity statistics, previous user engagement surveys and information from Other Government Departments’ user engagement exercises. It is envisaged that a series of user focus groups will take place later on in the year.

Updated 2015-09-03