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New Regulations

On 1 January 2018 Ionising Radiation Regulations 2017 (IRR17) replaced Regulations (IRR99).

For more information go to the draft Approved Code of Practice and guidance.

We are in the process of updating the guidance below to reflect this change.

Industrial Radiography

The main concerns are that a significant number of non-destructive testing contractors fail to adopt routine working practices capable of keeping radiation exposures of employees as low as reasonably practicable: this is the main requirement of the Ionising Radiations Regulations 1999 (IRR99). Incidents occur because of poor job planning (most notably with site radiography); failure to use adequate local source shielding (collimation); or inadequate systems of work. HSE is taking forward a number of initiatives aimed at improving this sectors performance at managing radiation protection. This includes a free information sheet "Industrial radiography - managing radiation risks" Ionising Radiation Protection sheet IRP1 and an inspection and advice programme.

Site radiography contractors need to give HSE at least seven days advance notification. This period of time is deemed necessary to enable consultations between client and contractor to take place, to review risk assessments and to allow any necessary variations to be incorporated into the local rules. These processes must be built into the planning of the job.  To notify HSE of site radiography – Notification of intention to carry out site radiography, you need to join HSE’s Ionising Radiations Notification Web Community (IRNWC).  If you have already done so, go to IRNWC. If not, see  the registration guidance.  If you have any problems accessing these sites please telephone 0151 951 3250.   


If you have not allowed seven days between notifying the work and it commencing you will need to apply for a waiver.  Considering a waiver request is a job undertaken by a specifically trained HSE Inspector and will only be granted if there is a genuine emergency.

Waivers requested during office working hours

If you request a waiver during office working hours (i.e. 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday), please complete the Site Radiography Notification form via the communities website (State you have not given 7 days notification for the work but are applying for a waiver where prompted in the drop down menu).

In addition to this an email request must also be sent to with a brief outline of the reason for the waiver request.

If you need further assistance during office working hours please call:

Waivers requested out of office working hours

If you ask for a waiver for emergency work out of office hours and public holidays, there will be no appropriate HSE staff on duty to consider the request.  In these circumstances, and ONLY in these circumstances, you may commence work as long as you:

[a] can satisfy the requirements listed below * and

[b] ensure HSE is notified that the work has been carried out by completing the Site Radiography Notification Form via the web communities website and sending an accompanying email to

* The work may only be carried out provided you liaise fully with your client and relevant authorities in control of the site regarding your arrival, the assessment of non-radiological risks present on site, the radiological risks associated with the proposed work, and restriction of access to your controlled area(s). Any further work not included in this notification will be subject to the usual 7 day notification requirement.

Updated 2017-12-20