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Notifications to the Mines Inspectorate

Mining legislation requires the notification of certain events to HSE.  In practice, HM Inspectorate of Mines should be notified.  There is no requirement to use a particular form and the information can be sent in any way e.g. by letter or fax.   If a form would be more convenient, you can find some for the more common notifications are here.  These can be filled in on-line or left blank for manual completion before printing.  You can also submit them on-line if there are no other documents, such as plans or copies of appointments, to submit with them.


Regulation 34 of the Management and Administration of Safety and Health in Mines Regulations 1993 (MASHAM) requires the owner of the mine to notify, within 28 days of the appointment, of the name, address and terms of appointment of each of:

Also, if one or more owner’s representatives are appointed, copies of their appointments must be submitted forthwith.  The terms of appointment must make clear the matters for which the individual is responsible, particularly if the full range of duties set out in MASHAM are not delegated to one person. 

Beginning and ending of certain mining operations

Regulation 7 of the Management and Administration of Safety and Health in Mines Regulations 1993 (MASHAM) requires the mine owner to notify HSE of the following, 28 days before beginning mining operations:

and of following within 28 days of the event:

Introduction of Electricity (Safety Lamp Mines only)

Regulation 18 of the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 requires the manager of the mine to submit, before electrical equipment is first introduced to any underground part of a safety lamp mine, a copy of the ventilation plan showing the location of the equipment and a copy of a schematic diagram of the equipment.  The ventilation arrangements and equipment should be shown for each stage of development.