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Baggage handling

The manual handling of baggage and cargo onto and off aircraft presents a risk of manual handling injury to the ground handlers involved in these tasks. Similar risks are also present where baggage can be manually handled, for example security check-points, passenger check-in desks etc.

What you need to know

The main risk factors associated with manual baggage handling are:

What you need to do

Selection of staff and sickness management

Case study: Aviance - assessment and treatment for MSD

This case study is provided by Aviance on health assistance for employees. The company offers immediate access to assessment and treatment for musculoskeletal injuries supported by physiotherapists.

Case study: Servisair - manual handling training for baggage handlers

This case study is provided by Servisair on improved manual handling training for baggage handlers and the benefits that this has brought to the company.

Updated 2013-06-12