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Managing sickness absence and return to work

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This website outlines an approach to help employers and managers manage sickness absence and return to work.

Fit Note

The guidance contained here was first published in 2004 and therefore makes no reference to the Fit Note. The majority of the guidance contained herein remains relevant, although readers will need to keep in mind the existence of the Fit Note in applying any potential recommendations.

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Guidance for employers

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Early intervention is key. The sooner action is taken, the better the chances are of an employee making a full and speedy return to work.

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Sickness Absence Review

The government announced a review into sickness absence, to explore ways to help more people stay in work and reduce costs. This review may result in updated guidance.

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Case studies

HSE has prepared a number of case studies that help illustrate the business benefits to organisations from effectively managing sickness absence and return to work.

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Updated 2011-10-11